Located close to the Mangrove Creek Dam in New South Wales, Pearl Group has been providing Australian’s with pristine drinking water for over 2 decades.  Surrounded by the lush bushland and home to many Australian species, this serene environment is as natural as they come.  With every bottle we produce, our aim is to ensure you can still taste the sweetness of nature and be refreshed by all the natural minerals provided by the Mangrove Creek.

Although Australian water can be consumed straight from the tap, our filtration system is designed to activate at two main points, once as the water is pumped from the ground into the water tank and again before entering each bottle.  We know just how important water is to your body and mind so you deserve to dink only the safest and purest water.   Having earnt the trust of many of our long term partners and consumers here in Australia, the next step is sharing it with the rest of the world!

We have been a provider of OEM for many years and have worked with many international companies. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your brand!

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